How do you play slots online? How do you play the online casinos? Are you new to gambling and curious about learning to play at casinos? We can help you figure out the concepts, features and profits. It is simply just to pressing the spin button? Yes, almost, today’s video slots have more features and benefits than you can imagine! We will review everything here. Learn how to play at online casinos now.

We start with a good movie from our friends at that explain how you play slot machines.



Are images / icons on different themes depending on which video slot you are playing. It can be anything from the classic “7” symbols or “BAR” or a little more modern like stars, gold, diamonds, money and more.

Paylines / Winlines / BetLines

Paylines are lines that cross the spinning wheels, they usually go from left to right, but you can win on multiple slots from both sides. Always read more about the game you play. Some games you can win on a variety of lines, we talk about several 1000 paylines in some games (MegaWays).



The wheels are usually vertical, spinning from top to bottom (varies between different games). They usually spin fast and then slowdown until they stay and shows different symbols. You win when some symbols of the same value end up on a payline after each other. Most commonly it is that a video slot has 3 to 5 wheels.

Spin / Spin button

With this button you start the game and start the spinning wheels. You can also start auto spin. Then you do not have to press the button each time between the game sessions. You can set so that the game stops when you win big or get free spins.

Bonus / Free Games / Free Spins

How does free spins work? It is now the fun begins. Free spins usually start when you get 3 of a certain symbol on their spinning wheels. Example 3 books in “Book of Dead”. When the bonus round starts, you get some free spin, the number varies from slot to slot. Once the round starts, there may be some other rules and profits that applies, now can the big money train comes.

Coin Value

This is the bet you want to make on every spin. You can play on small bets, then the winnings are smaller but you may be able to play longer. Higher bets pay more when winning. Always read the payout table on each videoslot. NOTE !! The game may already be set to a higher bet at the beginning when you enter the slot, so be sure to check what the bet is before starting to play.